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The national standard of "green product evaluation coating" is designed to establish a unified green product system, vigorously develop green products and promote the transformation of consumption pattern. It is an important step for the national ecological strategy and the promotion of the supply side reform.

"Green" embodies the requirements of social public welfare attributes such as environmental protection, energy saving, water saving, recycling, low carbon and regeneration. It is the inevitable choice for the economic and social development of various countries to a certain stage. The global green competition and green new deal have been paid more and more attention by more and more countries.

The evaluation standards of green paint products are more scientific and systematic in the world. In Europe, EU countries have their own green signs and coexist in addition to the EU ecological label.

But at present, the concept of green is not unified, and the green standard is confused, which greatly reduces the degree of social recognition and increases the difficulty of consumers in identifying green paint products.

To this end, the green product evaluation coating national standard for green products evaluation index can be divided into product level green indicators and enterprise level green indicators. The green indicators at the product level can be composed of first level indicators and two level indicators. First tier indicators include resource / energy / environmental / quality attribute indicators. The green indicators at the enterprise level are mainly qualitative, and this standard adopts the method of index conformity evaluation. Products can be judged as green products at the same time meet the requirements of green indicators and green indicators of enterprises.

This marks the beginning of China's coating industry to integrate with the international market.

For the coating products, the standard requires that the product should not intentionally add benzene, formaldehyde, halogenated hydrocarbons, ozone depleting substances, ethylene glycol methyl ether and ethylene glycol ether derivatives, phthalic acid esters, forbidden azo dyes, alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether, polychlorinated naphthalene, polychlorinated biphenyl, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, long chain perfluoroalkyl compounds, Short chain chlorinated paraffins, bromine flame retardants, three substituted organotin compounds, asbestos, radioactive substances and other harmful substances, and provide corresponding proof materials.

Manufacturing enterprises should pay close attention to hazardous substances banned by the state, region and industry, and do not intend to add them. The products shall not be intentionally added to the harmful substances of carcinogenicity, mutagenicity of germ cells and reproductive toxicity; the products shall not be intentionally added to the harmful substances that confirm endocrine disruptions in the test of the body.

The criteria for water based architectural coatings, inorganic powder coating materials, water-based industrial coatings, powder coatings, radiation curing coatings, high solid coatings and solvent free coatings are presented.

It is worth noting that the standard stipulates that, in addition to the other provisions, the items of the harmful substances in the quality attributes of the water-based coatings do not consider the dilution ratio of the water, and the items of the harmful substances in the quality attributes of the other types of coatings are mixed in accordance with the specified construction ratio of the product, for example, when the use of the diluent is in a certain range, it is in accordance with the product construction. The maximum dilution ratio should be determined after mixing. When coating products are applied to many occasions, they are carried out according to the most stringent requirements. The "main raw material" in the resource attribute refers to the component material with a mass fraction of more than 5% in the product, except water.

In addition, this standard specifies the dosage of bactericidal antiseptic, anti mildew and algicide and formaldehyde in paint.

This will be a special place for companies to pay attention to. The following is the limit.

Similarly, the VOC in the coating is also restricted, especially the VOC of the inner wall dumb coating (60 degrees lustre less than 10) is limited to 10g/L, and the heavy metal content is also adjusted to a lower limit. The  barium element is less than 100mg/kg, and the other must be below 20mg/kg. This standard is more friendly to the environment in terms of environmental attributes and quality attributes, and is in line with national environmental transformation.

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