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Antex is enthusiastic about educating and donating paint for community primary schools
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In response to the creation of standardized teaching in Guangdong Province, and improve the education and teaching environment call. Combined with the town government's education to give priority to the development of ideas, uphold the active support of community public welfare activities to support the local education, the principle of active learning, is now Antex Chemical (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. Zhongshan City, General primary school and primary school primary school and other donations, the total amount of donations to reach 500,000 yuan.
Antex Chemical (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., has been responding to the government's call to a positive attitude towards the community's public welfare undertakings. Since the company is committed to public welfare undertakings, donations to the various primary schools in the community countless. And support for the cause of education uphold the principle of preferential treatment, not only for primary school paint donation, and give a scientific batching program, so that it can reasonably complete the improvement of education and teaching environment.
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